Shaq’s Garage

Shaq’s Garage

Shaq’s Garage, starring and co-produced by NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal, and featuring the voice talent of Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, is a children’s animated series about the secret adventures of Shaquille’s extraordinary collection of cars, trucks, and other unique vehicles—the Shaq Pack.

When businessman and entrepreneur, Shaquille O’Neal invests in a self-driving car company, the artificial intelligence used in his vehicles has developed a real mind of its own! Suddenly, his vast car collection, including a huge semi-tractor named Big Diesel, has developed not only consciousness, but personalities, knowledge, goals and most importantly DRIVE.

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Wolfgang Puck’s Secret Chef Academy

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Wolfgang Puck’s Secret Chef Academy

World famous chef Wolfgang Puck has a lot on his plate. Besides running an international culinary empire, he is on a mission to create the greatest recipe book of all time, the quintessential cookbook of the most delectable dishes ever prepared on Planet Earth - Wolfgang Puck’s Global Guide to Gastronomy!

Wolfgang has enlisted the help of five talented kid chefs, “Wolf’s Gang,” who attend the famous “4-S”, his Secret Spago School of Scrumptious, in the basement of his flagship restaurant. Wolf sends them on missions around the world to procure iconic recipes that represent the culture and soul of the places they visit.

But each trip quickly becomes a madcap adventure when Wolfgang’s longtime rival, Foxgang Muck, sabotages them at every turn. Wolf’s Gang must outsmart “the Fox”, secure the recipe and key ingredient, and get back to Spago in time for dinner service. Bon appetit... now let’s dig in!

Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten

With Great Power
Comes Great MESS!

From the genius mind of the late Stan Lee comes the exciting new animated show for preschoolers, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten.

The school day at Superhero Kindergarten is a lot like that at any other kindergarten…except these six extraordinary students have a secret… They are superheroes! Rather than powers derived from a radioactive spider bite or gamma rays, these special kids’ powers come from common kindergarten items like white glue, putty, building blocks and yes, even farts. Yuck!

Thankfully, they have Arnold Armstrong (AKA Captain Fantastic, the greatest superhero to ever live!) as their teacher, voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Superhero Kindergarten brings superhero storytelling to a new generation of preschoolers with action, comedy, and heart. Embedded in each episode is a valuable life-lesson about health, exercise, nutrition, and anti-bullying!

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Rainbow Rangers

Meet Earth’s First Responders

Rainbow Rangers is an animated show for preschoolers about the thrilling adventures of seven magical girls from Kaleidoscopia, a fantastic land at the other end of the rainbow that is home to unicorns, trolls, and more amazing creatures. The Rangers serve as protectors and defenders of people, animals, resources, and natural beauty of our world.

The Rangers are strong, curious, funny, smart, take-charge, loving, and compassionate. But they're not identical: each Ranger has her own personality and her own gifts, as well as her own vibrant color and individual, distinctive scent.

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Llama Llama

Every Preschoolers Favorite Llama

Based on the award-winning book series by Anna Dewdney, Llama Llama is known for its emotive content, signature characters, family relationships, and addressing the everyday issues of young children. Llama Llama is the story about the challenges of growing up. Whether learning how to be brave in the dark, battling shopping boredom, braving his first day of preschool, or waiting patiently for Christmas Day, Llama Llama can always rely on Mama for her love and guidance. Starring Jennifer Garner as the voice of Mama Llama and produced by Jane Startz.

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Thomas Edison's Secret Lab®

Science Can be a Real Blast

Unknown to the world, Thomas Edison had a secret lab where he invented a virtual version of himself and a nearly-completed robot to guide and inspire future generations of young scientists. The secret lab, Edison's virtual ego, and his prototype robot remained hidden until a 12-year-old prodigy cracked the secret coded message that Edison left behind. The young genius and her science club move into the lab and the fun begins, while bringing in kids everywhere via a virtual link into their wacky world of discovery. Together, with the greatest inventor of all time, kids can see how fun science can be.

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Baby Genius®

Explore. Learn. Grow.

For over 20 years, our award-winning Baby Genius® brand has been entertaining and engaging kids with its line of smart, meaningful products and content for infants and toddlers that encourages their natural development and guides parents through their important developmental stages.

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Secret Millionaires Club

International Adventures in Business

Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club is a popular animated series that features Warren Buffett as a mentor to a group of entrepreneurial kids whose adventures lead them to encounter financial and business problems to solve. The program teaches the basics of financial literacy and the entrepreneurial spirit. Special guests include Bill Gates, Jay-Z, Nick Cannon and Shaquille O'Neal.

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