Frederator: The largest animation platform on YouTube

Frederator Logo

The Frederator Channel is distributed currently exclusively on YouTube and is a platform of over 3,000 producers of animation making up the largest animation platform on YouTube generating one billion views per month.  We expect we will be able to grow and harness it dramatically more so, as we migrate top performing YouTube programs from there to Kartoon Channel and Kartoon Channel Kidaverse, unlocking new value for the company, and Frederator’s producers. 

The combination of Kartoon Studios, WOW! Frederator Channel, Ameba, and Your Family Entertainment, now provides Genius with one of the largest and most desirable, children’s content catalogs in the world, as well as a fully integrated distribution system and consumer products infrastructure to maximize value.

Frederator Studios is expected to continue to deliver its unique brand of animation production through the continued management of Kevin Kolde, Head of Production, and Isabel Bailin, Director of Development, with exciting new projects in production and development.